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– Youngtaek Oh, Hayoung Chung*, “BO for foam structures”

– Jungsoo Lee, (non-disclosure), Hayoung Chung*, Jae Sung Son*, “TopOpt on TE”

– Sanghyun Park, Byeonghyeon Goh, Hayoung Chung*, “Topology optimization & MPM + stress stabilization”

- Semin Lee, Hayoung Chung*, “Prediction of phase transition using the modified PINN”

– Jaesung Park, Howon Lee*, Hayoung Chung*, “Variationally consistent constitutive modeling of liquid crystal polymer”

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– Hesaneh Kazemi, Zongliang Du, Renato Picelli, Xiao-Yi Zhou, Hayoung Chung, Eliana Bortot, H. Alicia Kim*, “SOTA of multiscale design optimization”

– Sungwoo Park, Manghyo Cho, Yun Seog Lee, Hayoung Chung, Seunghwa Yang*, “DPD analysis of SMA behavior of PU”

– Kee Seung Oh, Hayoung Chung*, Joo Hwan Oh*, “TopOpt using RL”

- (non-discloser), Youngtaek Oh, (non-discloser), Hayoung Chung*, Jae Sung Son*, “TE Metamaterial”

– (non-disclosure), Zongliang Du*, Hayoung Chung, Xu Guo*, “thermoelasticity & TCA to predict membrane wrinkle”

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- Byeonghyeon Goh, Hongjun Kim, Zongliang Du*, Hayoung Chung*, “Explicit multimaterial topology optimization + hyperelasticity”

– Seyyed Ali Latifi Rostami, Amin Kolahdooz, Hayoung Chung*, “RTO on smart actuators”

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